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Rates & Packages

Org & Decor

Organization & Home Décor

Put a Merry touch on any project and create an inviting, organized, and functional space. Say goodbye to chaos and welcome the relief that comes from being in control. Closets, offices, & entire homes; no project is too big or too small. You choose how much involvement you want in the process & I will work WITH you or do it all FOR you!

What I Do:
  • De-Clutter: Remove unnecessary items from your space & haul donations away. I want to help you make space for the things you love!
  • Sort: I'll help you decide what goes where & which items are best stored together. Find comfort in simplicity!
  • Organize: I'll streamline & systematize your space; creating order, saving you time, & making life easier!
  • Style: By adding fresh decorative items* & displaying your favorite treasures, I want to personalize & express your style!

Single Session (3 hours)             $150

Package Discounts

Three Sessions (9 hours)            $425

    (5% Discount!)

Six Sessions (18 hours)                $810

    (10% Discount!)

Nine Sessions (27 hours)           $1,145

    (15% Discount!)

Twelve Sessions (36 hours)      $1,440

    (20% Discount!)

* Rates include All-Inclusive Services (planning, shopping, working on & off site), additional materials or supplies will be reimbursed by client. Décor items optional.

Do-it-Yourself Plans 

Want to tackle your own project but don't know where to start? Organizing your own space can be fun! With my DIY plans, I'll have you on your way in no time with a one of a kind framework to perfect your unique space. 

What I Do:
  • Consult: The first step is visiting you & your project area to gather as much information as I can in order to deliver the best plan of action to meet your needs.
  • Plan: From the information gathered, I generate a step-by-step process customized for you and your space; giving you a starting point and a strategy to complete the project.
  • Design: Personalizing your space is key. I use your environment (family friendly, professional, or somewhere in between) and your style as a guide to create a Vision Board; offering you visual inspiration with images and my professional recommendations.  
  • Deliver: The process ends by delivering you a digital DIY Plan within 5 business days of the initial consult. My objective is to equip you with the necessary tools and confidence to accomplish your project goals. 

Single Space                               $100

Package Discounts:

Three Spaces                              $285

    (5% Discount!)

Six Spaces                                   $540

    (10% Discount!)

Nine Spaces                                $765

    (15% Discount!)

Twelve Spaces                            $960

    (20% Discount!)


Pre & Post Move Management

Moving can be stressful. As a military spouse and veteran, I know the struggle and have experience to share! Simplify the process, hand over your to-do list, and I'll do the rest!

Pre Move:
  • Sort & De-Clutter: Don't move unnecessary clutter to your new home, or waste time and energy packing & transporting it! Let's take care of it first thing!
  • Organize & Plan: I organize spaces prior to packing in order to make the process as smooth as possible. Then I  will retrieve the packing supplies* for you!
  • Pack & Label: I take pride in my work and care for your items as if they were my own. The end result is efficiently packed and labeled boxes ready to be moved.
Post Move:
  • Space Plan & Unpack: In your new space, I help you determine the best room layouts and furniture positions. I also strategize the unpacking process in order to limit chaos and confusion.
  • Organize & Create: I organize as I go and create functional systems throughout your space to make your life easier and help you stay clutter-free.
  • Finishing Touches: A house doesn't feel like a home until it truly speaks your language. Let's add a touch of décor* and really showcase your style!

Half-Day Session (4 hours)            $200

Package Discounts:

Two or more Half-Day Sessions      $180/ea.

    (10% Discount!)



* Rates include All-Inclusive Services (planning, shopping, working on & off site), additional materials or supplies will be reimbursed by client. Décor items optional.
Docs & Photos

Documents & Photos

Are you drowning in paperwork or have boxes of old photos that you have been meaning to organize for years? Even in this digital day & age, some documents and photos are irreplaceable. This service allows you to be free from paper clutter and to finally be able to find that important piece of paper or memorable image whenever you need it.

**As with all of my services, I maintain a professional and confidential approach. I respect the privacy of every client and understand that all documents and photos are personal in nature. 

What I do:
  • Sort & De-Clutter: The process begins by sorting documents/photos into groups and categories in which they will be filed. I will set aside what I think may not need to be kept, for you to review. I will never discard anything without client approval.
  • File: I will create a file system* with labeled folders for documents/photos. If requested, I can organize photos into photo albums instead of folders. 
  • Digitize: An additional option would be to scan documents/photos into digital copies and load them onto an external hard drive*. 

By the Hour                         $40

* Rates include All-Inclusive Services (planning, shopping, working on & off site), additional materials or supplies will be reimbursed by client.
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